Hybrid controller setup

Model No, C1000TH
Compatible Turbine E1000T
Compatible Batteries Encapsulated Lead Batteries
Wind Generator System Voltage 24V
Capacity 200Ah or greater
Input Voltage 0-60V
Input Current 0-50A
Maximum Input 1500W
Solar Panel Input Voltage 0-50V
Input Current 0-7A
Maximum Input 210W
Safety Mechanisms Overcharge Protection Engages 30V
Overcharge Protection Releases 26.2V
Electromagnetic Brake I Overcharge Protection
Electromagnetic Brake II Excess Generation Protection
Manual Brake Switch ON/OFF
Stand-By Power Consumption 0W
Weight 900g
Dimensions W240XH144XD50

Our hybrid controller unit can accommodate a photovoltaic system of up to 210W in addition to the C1000TH, our 1kW turbine model..

Safe operation is virtually guaranteed by several features which prevent charging problems, control rotation speed and allow manual stops for maintance.

  • 1. Overcharge Protection
    Once the battery charge exceeds 30V the brake will engage and solar power will be limited, the system enters the float charge mode. Normal operation will resume when the battery charge drops back below 26.2V.
  • 2. Overgeneration Protection
    If overheating occurs, the braking system slows down the blade rotation speed, permitting for cooling and automatic recovery.
  • 3. Manual Brake
    The manual brake switch will stop the wind turbine's rotation for routine maintenance or during emergencies.
    * Caution: Do not egage the manual brake if blades are rotating at high speeds. Damage to the turbine might orccur.

Please see the illustrations below for setup examples in a hybrid wind and solar configuration. Or check out photos of our wind turbine installations and applications in various countries. For International examples please click HERE. International examples can be browsed by country or setup type. Domestic examples can be accessed by provinces from HERE.

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